Ayanda’s story


Kwazulunatal South Africa 

What We Created

Concept/storyboard/Films and Social 

The Opportunity

To conceptualise and create a narrative to show how Mastercard technology is helping small business to flourish. 

Small and medium enterprises have a big impact, contributing a third of South Africa’s GDP. Yet most of these businesses remain trapped in the cash economy. We were tasked with telling the human story behind the role SME’s play in driving Africa’s economy and Mastercard’s role in creating a digital economy. 


“Our global head of Products, used this beautifully shot film at the G20 Summit. It tells a compelling story about the role of financial inclusion in building economies”



We worked with iKhokha a mobile commerce provider, partnering with Mastercard to empower thousands of small businesses. We focused on the  Vukuzakhe Supermarket, a small general dealer in KwaZulu-Natal owned by Ayanda Gail Khumalo and her family. Ayanda’s story about how payments technology is helping her to grow the family business and leave a legacy that will benefit future generations also focused on her personal ambition to make an impact on her local community.


The film was widely used across Mastercard Newsroom and social media channels and at the G20 Summit.

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