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Bali. Indonesia

The People of Desa Ban, on the island of Bali, have fled their villages on the North and East slopes of Mount Agung to escape the looming eruption for decades. 1000 of them died in 1963 and lava and lahars destroyed their homes and villages. 50,000 people have been relocated out of the probable lava flows but they face an undetermined amount of time waiting to see what happens next. The communities face DIRE poverty as a result of the devastation of the eruptions. The volcano is winning. But a small social enterprise is fighting back and creating jobs for the community.

East Bali Bamboo Bikes social enterprise was created as a launchpad for sustainable social and economic development for the communities living in Desa Ban. This is not only about bamboo bikes; it’s all about helping them to help themselves towards a self-sustaining future and defeat nature. The growing demand for Bamboo Bikes will enable outsourcing of bamboo components and frames to locals in the 6 most isolated hamlets of the village, leading to the growth of sustainable home industries to benefit more than 100 youth and their families.

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