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Karoshi Nights


On any given week the streets of Marunouchi, Otemachi, Hibiya and Ginza are lined with collapsed people, slumped against stairs and drooping by walls. These are not the homeless or drunks - but overworked businessmen and women that have passed out on the streets due to a lack of sleep or too many hours of overtime. This is the modern world and at its exhausted heart the blight of Karoshi – literally death by overwork. A new survey by the US software giant, Workday, has revealed that contrary to Japan`s traditional lifetime employment practice, 23% of employees plan to leave their current job within a year because of work-related stress and unhappiness in their current positions. Our images helped Workday the bigger question for Japan is not how to heal the scars of a work culture that has endured for half a century - but how technology could conceal Karoshi to where it belongs, history. 

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